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Celebrin Uialion
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in celebrin_uial's LiveJournal:

Monday, April 3rd, 2006
11:07 am
It has been forever and a ay since i last updated this journal, much less my fanfic. But currently i am writing the latest enstallment of The Journey but have also started the final volume of the Celebrin storyline, not as a doomsaying but just because it becomes real as i write it down, plus i can change it at will, rather than have to make it up again as my memory waxes and wanes. The only problem is I know nothing of the English Landscape so I must do some research or (fat chance) actuall go to England. This I find Laughable, but hey you never know. Hopefully with summer break coming on the horizon I will be able to write more and draw more aside from pouring into my spanish self-taught lessons as well as learning either French or Italian. oh well this is dividing from my original intent of this LJ, and so I will leave y'all with a snipet of poetry, or a song rather,

for in that ancient city
where the land sings
and ancient rocks call for their masters
I found myself remembering old foes
and the common lineage we shared
for my journey eastward
taught me that little difference
there is between enemy and kin.
Friday, September 23rd, 2005
11:49 am
The time has come for the posting of pictures, all of which are beind the cut, I admit they are rather gortesque in the sense that they are primitive and admitidly rather poorly scanned on my part but here they are, I'm posting from school, so I havn't had time to fix them up, enjoy.

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Friday, September 16th, 2005
10:50 am
update, at long last.
I know its een a while since ive updated, I still mean to put recent drawings up. I do enjoy the architecture here at UTEP, it feels like it belongs by the sea near cliffside. I know its a haven of sorts but i always imagined it to be filled with cliffs and sharp drops into the sea, similar to the shores of northern California or scottland. For the drawings of Mihtlond i have combined the architecture of Greece (mainly santorini) with the bhutanese architecture that is here in UTEP of all places. must remember to post these.

and now a poem:

Over woods and hills of stone
there lies a land once green
where flowers covered the vale
with their moonlit sheen.
I lay there with my love
'neath the stars immortal
I, to those lamps above,
sang of joy and sorrow
of those long steps we treked
through wood, vale, and mountain
of bitter farewells we said
to dear friends long parted

And she, my beloved star
bade me sing no more
of the land we left afar
with tears 'pon her cheek
and to her new born womb
she led my gentle hand
from its silver-strung loom
and bade me sing of hope
her hand lay upon mine own cheek
her eyes shone as the young moon
sorrow shall I no longer seek
for joy she hath given me

And in this twilight of silver
we lie upon the shore of this land
and tightly hold one another
for the sea sings of our wedding bed.
Night surrounds we lovers twain
the willow-maiden and the star-tree
in joy we shall live again
'til the end of the beloved stars.
Now silence shall this singer take
for lovers oft do speak long words
this world of song no longer make
and leave I the singing to the sea
of my love and me,
of my love and me(soften)
of my love and me.

(sung to a drum beat - -- - -- - -----)
Thursday, September 1st, 2005
11:00 am
i begun conceptual art of Mithlond, well as Lomear will know i began a while back, and am hoping to post it on this journal. So far i have three concepts for the house of Cirdan and one for pathways that are loosely based on pj's interpretation, however brief it was. i thought thaset was beautiful, though i felt it could have used a bit more color, but then again it is the grey havens hehe.
Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
6:57 pm
it has been a while since i updated this journal and have decided to today. Currently i am working on the 11th chapter of the Journey, the second part of the House of Uial saga, though i have also recently been plotting a revision of the original house of Uial. You see, currently i have been thinking about how the story was written and found that there were something that needed more emphasis or other things arose that i felt needed to be told, for example the connection of Celebrin to his past. Ideally i would have liked to write a back story to Celebrin's youth though it seems a little star warish to do a prequel. and so i have thought about backflashes as a means of doing so. And I did not think that the friendship of Alphindil and Celebrin was cemented as i had hoped. Hence the writing of this update, I had wondered if any of you had read the House of Uial would a revision be needed in this case or could one elaborate upon such things later on without going back to the original. im not sure if any of that made sense but i thought id just ask anyway.
Monday, June 13th, 2005
3:58 pm
I realized i have not posted in here in a while, but thats probably because this journal is for all things tolkien-related and i havent done anything for it in a while. other things in my life i suppose have taken center stage. The fanfics ive been writing have taken a hiatus, not because of lack of my muse, well actually yeah, my muse has been awoahl. but ive started day dreaming again about the situation and i believe im right on target, i hope. anyway i think the creative juices are beginning to flow again so im gonna end this now, just thought id keep everyone updated on that front, my other journals are still functional so if you want to know more about such things i suggest you read them.
Thursday, May 5th, 2005
9:26 pm
Behold my life flows from the waters of the shores, no longer am I a being feeling the ebb of time upon my feet. For what in truth is one of the ancients to do, when all life is passing them by and all in the world he has seen from its seedlings times. I alone remain, who hath seen the mighty tower of Ecthelion, at the Feast of Elessar. Who am I? now in a newer land, void of the history I knew, here it seems that all is different, and in truth new, as though I were looking upon Arda at the beginning of the time of the sun. New herbs, new trees, new times to make for us, yet these are not my people, nor are they my children any longer. They look at me with awe and wonder, I will not be their god, nor their guide any longer, but escape into this new world...maybe never again to show myself in the world of men...maybe to cause finality to this long life of mine.
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
6:57 pm
Vanymari designs
The madness has not ended!!! Here are some conceptual designs of embroidery or heraldric desgins used for clothing or armor in Vanyimar, considering their affinity for swans and the like

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i realized i havent posted here a lot, but ive been busy, if you wish to look up my random posts about my life find me at Faminir
Friday, March 11th, 2005
11:53 am
All is lost
All is gained
the earth cries for you leaving
the wind mourns for your departure
No earthly remnants you leave me now
no children to raise as a glory
to what you left behind
It has all passed
like the snow on the mountain side
at the coming of spring
Lorien mourns for your unheard lessons
Greenwood weeps for your honorable sacrifice
Imladris pines for your laughter and mirth
And Mithlond
Our gentle home,
She mourns your loss, yet is glad to see you go
for now she has me within her grasp
her knight has returned his spurned heart to her
And she, in her motherly grasp holds me firm.
And takes my tears as ships leave the coast.
Yet I leave her now, in search of other places
to call home
And she cries out
Why? Why? Why do you leave?
And I
I have no answer to my homeland
Only that your leaving caused me this final grief
Monday, February 28th, 2005
6:13 pm
The Twin Spears
I know, I know I'm a real freak for doing conceptual designs even though I probably, short of becoming a blacksmith, will ever see such things in reality, but i like to have base drawings of the things i dream up in my head and thanks to P.J. for his wonderful work ont he LOTR movies i now have a base for doing it...lol that aside here is more of my madness,

above is a conceptual of the swords of Celebrin and Alphindil, the bottom sword is Lin-gladaear, the song of the woods and the sea and sword of Celebrin. I just love how the trees on the handle represent the Cirth of Daeron, and coinceidentally they represent the Cirth letters "d" and "th" thus signifying Doriath,*gleeful with stupid joy.

The Top sword is the sword of Alphindil, which in the tales will become more important as time goes by. I jus love the swan handle thing *Gleeful yet again*.
Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
8:57 pm
hey all i just scanned some of my conceptual drawings, for those who had seen my previous conceptual of Doriathic Armor it is much more detailed and less how you say, sucky, here in lies other conceptuals

For those who have read the Tale of the Last son, or have spoke in depth with me about Celebrin and his Alphindil, you know who you are, anywho this is the brooch of Alphindil, made in the fastness of Gondolin and given to him when he was a youth,within is set a pearl from Avernien, set in by Celebrin after the original stone, an opal, was lost in the flight from Gondolin.

more to come, this things bugging me
Saturday, February 12th, 2005
9:46 pm
*this is a banner i did a couple of months back

This is one someone did for me out of pics i scrounged up from the internet
the one on the left is Alphindil, the middle is a pic of an elf that inspired Tathiril, and the right is a pic of Celebrin, or at least one of his many manifestations.lol

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
10:29 pm

*this is a conceptual drawing of the Doriathic armor celebrin carries around, it bears an inscription upon it reading in levels( 1-top inscription; 2- middle; 3-lower)*

1) Bor Celeborn I-cunn Doriath
(Vassal of Celeborn, the prince of Doriath)

2) Tinnu nan cannen; Tolin ed anrand athradannen
(Twilight I am called; I am come from ages past)

3) Nann medui I-noss Uial
(I am last of the house of Uial)
Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
7:13 pm
Hail to the winding winters of time
Begraded are the happy hours of our meeting
Downcast are the times we spent
nestled in our loving embrace
beside the hearth fire
that bore our love to the stars

Gone is the time of our love
Our fellowship is ended
Govannas min fir
Sedhen meleth min
Still is our love.
The sunset holds fast our tide
no ship waits for me

Cir U-dartha anim
Meleth U-leithia guren ed Ennor

A ship waits not for me
Love sets not my heart free from Ennor

I am wounded, wandering the woven trees of this realm
Coward of love, thrall of my passion
Wanderer and exile of my own will
Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
9:17 pm
Heal me oh weary wanderer
take me from this prison
called life,
The lands of old are lost
Hope has fled before me
Gone is the gray-haven
I once called home
Gone is the Hidden Vale
where my joy dwelt
Gone is the Golden Wood
where my love was full bloom
Hidden in the mists
my ancient lands
called home
no Hero's welcome
is mine to claim

For my Hair is cut
My features made plain
The stars know who I once was
A proud and gallant Soldier
of Lords, hale and wise
Vassal, knight, lord and prince I was
Who will sing my praise?
In these long days,
I am gone from the earth
A hero, forgotten by my kin
None are there to sing my dirge at the end of my life.
Save the sea, and the stars, the last of my loved ones
upon the earth.

Current Mood: creative
Sunday, January 16th, 2005
1:37 pm
My shadow finds a new life
here where darkness dwells
who is to know my lament
of sorrow and grief

What song is there to sing,
when you have no voice to raise
Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
10:41 pm
Here among the woven trees of yesteryear
beyond the halls of time and space
where the immortal stars hang in the vault of the sky
I have flown among the stars up high
and hugged their gentle light

until the sea became my grave
far from the trees I left behind
the woods I loved above all things
save one alone
no solice waits for me
until I see her again
Nimrodel, Nimrodel
my gentle queen who never was
lady of the gentle river
the sea became my grave of tears for thee
until we meet again
in halls where only the dead have trod.
Sunday, September 19th, 2004
12:39 am
I know not what happened this day, nor what has begun to happen to me, since...Joy has seemingly begun to enter my life, where once there was none...not for many ages of the world. I walked the paths of the Old Forest that once stretched to the farthest south, beside the river now called Brandywine, only days ago it seemed, yet in truth it was naught but a few weeks time. There I met a most beautiful maiden, of uncommonly red hair, a trait I had not seen since...

I knew not what drove me to speak with her, lonliness, jest, or even the youthful self that always did such things before Doriath fell, before the War tore all chance of hope away. Her name was...Alassiel, by all accounts she acted as a mortal would, hiding her face from my eyes, yet I trusted her...even with the story of my childhood, and her sight upon my broken gem. It pained me some to share this with her, as it always does with everyone, the same pain this time, on the right eye, a pain that started small, and grew to unbearable searing.

We met again in the town of Bree, there Butterbur was most kind to Gaereledh, yet I saw her again, she had a fire, a spirit I had not seen for many an age, she reminded me so much of Alphindil that night, in speaking with her, I felt as if he had never left. The memories only cooled my heart the more...she kissed me, this youthful one, kissed me, i could not describe the feelings it spurned in me, what it awoke in me I could not say...but again pain followed any joy I found...I mentioned Alphindil to her, the pain our last parting had caused me, I feared then she would not take me again, I feared what attachments to the past had already doomed a relationship that had never had the chance to grow. Yet unlike what I thought she would do she forgave what transaction I had done, and wished still to become close to me...I fear I cannot avoid breaking her heart, with whatever will I have, I must not, I cannot be another's reason for pain in this world, not again.
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
10:52 pm
To where you have gone
The trees whisper, your song you taught them
the wind plays the flute you made
and the thunder plays the drums
you danced to that night far away in time

Over the sea you have gone
to a fate unknown by we who live here
to a place beyond the western seas
where darkness lies around
and mists hide the paths you trod

Where the stars meet their end
and the place of their birth
and the ocean find its home
to there you have gone
Yet I cannot will myself to follow
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
9:58 pm
background info
"I was born in the year 316 of the First Age of this world, before the old world was lost to ruin, and sunk beneath the immortal sea. My father was Elorn Uial, kin of Cirdan the shipwright in mind, for they awoke in each other's company at Cuvienen and were as family all the years of their life; an unlikely trait my father was born with, given that he was a Teleri, was the uncommon darkness of his hair, that seemed to reflect the twilight of the world, a trait I have inherited hence why his name, Uial, was passed to me at my birth. My mother too was born by the ancient waters of Cuvienen, though more a Teleri who enjoyed the company of the woods, in Doriath she dwelt, as a maiden to Melian and later Luthien Tinuviel, and a teacher of elflings in the subject of herb lore and wood carving. My mother, Tathiril, enjoyed the company of the willows and was among the first to speak to the tree-like beings who came to be known as Ents, to her the willow spoke first. Thereafter she spent time amongst them and learned their ways, even to drinking the first ent draughts they made, this turned her hair from a gilded sheen to a lighter golden brown, similar to the hue of wheat at the time of harvest.

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